Home made Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice)

nasi ayam

My younger cousins and my aunt visit our house for iftar and we are having my mum special nasi ayam. After tarawih we played firecrackers and fireworks, they are so kind to spare me with the last fireworks so that I can wrote my name on the floor with it.


We called it bunga api asap. Asap mean smoke because its create a lot of smoke



Durian Crepe

Malaysian are always crazy about durian.  We love every single aspect of it, especially the smell and the taste of durian.   I really love to stand near the durian stall and take a deep breath, hold it for a while just to enjoy the great sensation of durian smell.  But our friend at the west does not really fond of durian, most of them think that durian is the stinkiest fruit in the world.  Some thought that “durian is hell on the outside and heaven on the inside”.

Eating fresh durian is the best.  As I said earlier, we are crazy about it and that is the only reason (I think the major reason) our ancestor create a lot of recipes that include durian in it.  We got lempuk durian, sambal tempoyak, bubur durian, ais krim durian, pulut santan durian, apam durian, jem durian, kek batik durian, kek durian, seri muka durian, puding bakar roti durian and many more.  Most of them are the traditional recipe but with some innovation, lots of love and new technology; they comes out with white coffee with durian and a wine from durian.

 The trend of baking and cooking the western food just to look more cool than your neighbour brought us to spaghetti, pizza and chicken chop.  Of course with some element of our own culture like a lot of cili potong/ cili jeruk (chillies) for spaghetti.  It is to adjust the sour taste of the tomato sauce because Malaysian taste bud are used too spicy food.   When crepe become famous we also want to join the world.  But of course once again with our own identity and we come up with the legendary DURIANNNN CREPPEEE.


Out of the blue, even the mak cik2 at the kampung (village) are talking about durian crepe. Nenek2, opah2 that never understand what kind of devil are there in the computer until their grandchildren are so obsess about it all the time, suddenly ask how they can use the youtube just to look for the recipe of durian crepe. 

As time past, things change, so does the phenomena of the yellow durian crepe.  Now people are crazy about another yellow creature

Happy_minionsTHE MINIONS

“Orang-orang it…


“Orang-orang itu telah melupakan bahwa belajar tidaklah melulu untuk mengejar dan membuktikan sesuatu, namun belajar itu sendiri, adalah perayaan dan penghargaan pada diri sendiri. (hlm. 197)”
― Andrea Hirata, Padang Bulan

Learning is a process that we need to cherish .  No matter how hard it is, I must go on.  And I must learn to appreciate myself.

BISKUT BIJI ASAM (I’m not sure what we called this biscuit in English)

template_photoblogI was born in early 90’s, so I had a chance to grew up in the 90’s environment as a kid and the other half of my childhood and teenage year as a millennium’s children (anak- anak zaman milenium).  We were referred as a millennium’s children by our parents and the society when the beginning of the number (year) change from “19” to “20” during year 2000.  My friends and I were not exactly the 21st century children (which begin on 1 January 2001) but you know our “growing up process”, the crucial period of a person life is affected by the changes.  However, 90s is the best time ever.  We, the 90’s kids are rock…and we do share the same love and passion of our childhood.


This is some of the comment on my facebook wall about the biscuit:

Azelly Lie:   Biskut ni,kami pnggil roti bji asam. Skrg msh ada dijual,tp rsanya mmg xcdap mcm dlu. Biskut ni selalu dibeli oleh tokwan sy,Syed Mansor,dh lma arwah pn. Semasa dia cter psal pngalaman dia brsama askar Jepun dlu2,dia bg biskut ni utk mkn. Smpai skrg,tngok jer bskut tu,msti ingt dia….  (we called this biscuit roti biji asam.  They still sell this biscuit but it does not taste the same as before.  My late grandfather, Syed Mansor used to buy this biscuit.  He told us that during the Japanese era in Malaya, the were given this biscuit as a food supply.  Its remind me of him.)

Iffahanie Dean HanieSaya suka makan ni masa kecik2 dulu lewat 70 an & 80 an…nostalgia betul biskut ni…sikit sorang berbagi dgn adik2  (I love to eat this when I was a child in the late 70s and 80s….it is a legend..I would shared it with my younger brothers and sisters)

Azmi Shahid: Aku panggil biscuit Udhell. Jgn tanya mengapa (I called it Udhell biscuit.  Dont ask me why)

Nabilla Huda Makan yang part manis je, yang biskut simpan balik dalam plastik. Ade ke wat perangai camni gak?  memori2.. Hehehehe (I will only eat the sugar on the top and keep the biscuit back in the plastic bag.  Does anyone do the same?  What a memory)

Yaya Aizen Makan biskut dlu. Pastu bhgian atas tu kumpul, mkn skaligus. Hahhahaa
Hanapi Jusoh Kg aku panggil sekut cotek (Eat the biscuit first.  Keep aside the sugar and eat them all at once.  My village called this sekut cotek)

Nakata Helmie kat ‘rumah merah kecil’ banyak biskut ni.. (There are a lot of this at the “small red house” – he referred to the Chinese prayer altar where we usually can see the biscuit is using for prayer purpose.)



Three days ago I received a wedding invitation via Facebook.  Its really surprise me because I did not know the bride or the groom, so I decided to ignore the invitation.  But yesterday after reading all the comments on her wall, I realize something.  I do know the girl (after staring at her engagement picture and real deep thought).  She is one of my classmate when I was 13 years old.  I went to another school after a year and we totally lost contact.  At that time cell phone and internet access is very limited.  You know you have been blessed to met your old friend once again after eight years.



MASA : 11 AM – 4 PM



How many legs do I have?

If you stare at the picture for a long time (30-40 seconds) ….what will you see?

It is hard for you to identify the number of the elephant legs isn’t?  This is because of the illusion.  What are illusions? Illusions trick us into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what we see does not correspond to physical reality. Hence, the word illusion comes from the Latin verbilludere meaning, “to mock.” In addition, some illusions show us one thing in a picture, while someone else sees something entirely different in the same picture.


Green Bean Porridge with Durian

Today is 13 ramadan.  Its mean that I has been fasting for 13 days from dawn until sunset; more than 13 hours everyday.  Fasting refrain us (muslim) from consuming food and water during the day.  Sometime its make us become very tired and weary.  It is a pleasure to have green bean porridge with durian for iftar.

green bean porridge with durian

This is green bean porridge with durian…yummy

This is one of the best malay traditional dessert.  

10 Ways that Sesame Street Demonstrates Community

I love the way you see sesame street more than just a cartoon show or a tv show. Recently the community has changed a lot, people are becoming too individualistic. Maybe its time for us to learn something from the elmo, cookie monster, big bird and their community

Unlocking the Gate

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

It might seem a little strange to see a post about a TV show on a blog about children, nature and community, but please hear me out.

For over 40 years, Sesame Street has been, in my humble opinion, the best children’s program on television.  In-depth educational and psychological research has gone into the development of this show. The unique combination of humour, educaImagetion, and entertainment never fails to capture the imagination and the attention of children (and, to be perfectly honest, me).

Where am I going with this?  Sesame Street was designed to appeal and look familiar to children living in inner city, low-income homes. At the same time, the way the Street functions is a beautiful example of a “community,” and teaches children about the concepts necessary to develop one.

Here are ten ways that Sesame Street…

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A bell ring


I still remember that day, it was during my high school year.  High school is not the best time ever for me….but still there are a few memories that I hold close to my heart until now.  That day, I had an English examination.  As usual, there are a few parts of question… A, B, and C.  The last section is for an essay question.  I had difficulties to choose an essay question to answer.  I was sweating badly at that time.  Nervous…and my heart was pounding very hard.  There are not many time left, only half an hour.

Suddenly, the school bell ring…. and I start to write about every day of my school routine,  from early in the morning when I wake up until the end of the day.  Every changes of the event was influenced by a bell ring and its repeat itself the next day.  So, I made an analogy that I already forgot what it was about.

The good thing about my essay is that its remind my teacher about her school year.  And now if you ask me; “why I want to become a writer?” well… I might not have a good answer for that, its just that I feel good if I had a way to relate with others.