15 Minutes Challenge #8

The ladies laughed again.

This time I tried to understand the reason that makes them so happy.  They seem content to spend their lovely summer evening in the living room sipping black coffee.  My aunt asked me to join the ladies and learn a thing or two from them.  But, I didn’t see the purpose of me joining them as I’m not allowed to interrupt their ‘adult’ conversation.  Perhaps, they just need someone to do their errands, to refill their cups with fresh hot coffee and to order more pastries from the kitchen.  Mrs. A is dominating the conversation.  Enthusiastically, she described the event that happened last Monday during her visit to the town.   The other ladies showed genuine interest and they sometimes nod and say words of approval.  I will never understand their interest in others welfare as I’m more interested in pursuing my own activity on a lovely day like this.   I could see my brother peeking from the window sill.  He grinned slyly for my misfortune.  Haughtily, he bounced the ball once to let me see it and left to play with his friends.



15 minutes challenge #7

“You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

“Are you trying to say that I’m a coward?” inquired Khalid.

Smirking, Syahdan adjusted his glasses and in a dry pleasant voice he said “Well, there is a thin line between cowardice and bravery.  In certain cases you couldn’t really tell whether you did something out of your bravery or the other way around.”

“What do you mean?  Of course we could tell“  Contradict Khalid.

In life we’re driven by our emotion more than our mind.  Let say a man with acrophobia.  When he climbs up a tall tree within a few minutes, what does it tells you?  Is that making him a brave man?”

“It’s depend on the situation, I guess”, said Khalid.

“What if he climbed the tree because there was a tiger trying to kill him?  So, his fear had driven him to climb the tree.  His mind was unable to think of his fear of height caused his was too focused on saving himself from the tiger” explained Syahdan.

“And that’s the power of mind” concluded Khalid.

15 minutes challenge #6

He put his arms around me and rocked me gently.

He hums slowly under his breath to calm me down.  My dad, his voice is so coarse and he couldn’t sing well.  It was said that even a duck sounds better than him.  But, I love the warm of his body, the low vibration emitted from his chest and the steady beats of his heart.  Somehow, I am home again.

We are miles away from where we belong.  At this strange place, his monotone humming is the same as I always remember.  A melody from his favourite song.

Now, I am far too old and too big to let my emotions get the best of me.   And he couldn’t restrain me like he used to in the old days whenever I failed to keep my fists down.  Still, he knows how to ease down my temper.  As a father always do.

15 minutes challenge #5

It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first began to part company.

Since he joined the football club he becomes more selfish and self-centered.  Before this he always include me in his crazy plan.  Now it is all about him and his teammates.  Last Friday, they went to the spiral pool behind the old factory and swam the whole day, while I waited for him at home, preparing the cards for our evening game.   Our father doesn’t seem to mind that Jem is not home most of the time.   He only comes home an hour before our dinner and that left us almost no time to catch up with any game.   Every night he would excitedly tell me his adventure with his squad as they called themselves.   The Macho Squad.

Jem was not a fan of football but ever since the arrival of Tim from the south, he became interested in the game.  He changed his Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle posters with football players and Manchester United posters.   His room now is the colour of red and yellow.  I mean his part of the room.  My part still looks like how it was months ago with green posters of four shell creatures, small figurines and a bunch of water colours paintings.   I guess the difference between our gender does make a different.   Jem is two years my senior and he is some sort of like my idol in this challenging world.  Now, it seems like I am on my own.  Honestly, I envied The Macho Squad adventure.  Their most glamorous game was the war of the Trojan.   They actually build a horse out of cardboards that could fit three boys.   Their war goes on for a week and I could only watch it from afar.  Sitting on top of our tree house and spying with my fake binocular.

15 minutes challenge #4

“You say you’re nineteen,” Atticus resumed.

“Nineteen is a good age to start making a journey of a life time.  Boy, tell me, what is your greatest desire in life?”  Squinting his eyes and rubbing his hands together, Matthew keeps on trying to read the sign behind Atticus’s head.  As the clock ticking, Matthew’s forehead is shining with droplets of his sweats.  He usually sweats more when he is nervous.  He wished that he didn’t leave his water bottle at home caused he feels like he could faint from dehydration.   “Well, answer me boy!”, barked Atticus.  Matthew was shocked from his daydreaming.  “Urm… Sir, I think I would like to become a baker.  I love kneading dough and making bread, Sir.”

15 minutes challenge #3

Groucho Marx 1890 – 1977:

“I never forget a face, but in your case I’d be glad to make an exception.”  

He left the room after uttering his last word.   He was too disappointed with her action.  How fool he was to believe that she is the one.   The gem of his miserable life.  The true companion for his journey in this strange land.  He still remember vividly the first time they locked eyes.  He was too astounded by her beauty and bravery.   That night he was glad to arrive at the town after weeks of travelling on foot.  He decided to lodge-in in the first guest house that came upon.   After paying for his room that facing the south of the town he went to the cafe downstairs for a quick meal.   After all he hadn’t eaten anything for almost two days.  He couldn’t remember when was the last he ate a hot meal at a dining table.

He ordered a plate of omelette and a cup of strong black coffee.   He received a skeptical look from the waiter as it is quite strange to order such meal for one’s dinner.   But, that’s how it was at his hometown.   His mother would fix him omelette with a glass of milk for dinner.   They own their own poultry and the meal was the most comforting food for a five years old child.  Besides, he loves to observe the difference brought by the new places he arrives at.   Every place has their own way of preparing their omelette.  Some are to plain and dry.  The other is too watery.   He loves the Indian omelette that he ate around six months of his arrival at this new strange place.   It was full of bell peppers and chunks of beef.  Crispy beef that has been saute with corn oil.  It was top with a spoonful of sour cream.   What a delish.

He was awaken from his day dream with a thud on his table.   Someone just put a tray of coffee and omelette in front of him.  He looked up and couldn’t stop himself from smiling coyly when he saw the girl in front of him.   A young lady around 17 years old with a dimple on her cheeks.  She looks so grumpy and mad but he loves angry girl.   That was how they first met.   He purposely delaying his journey just to woo her.  After weeks of undeterred efforts, he was happy to be called her man.   He even decided to marry her and settling down at the strange place and perhaps one day he would return to his hometown when he is old enough.  Feeling as if he already conquered the world even when he had not fulfilling his dream of finding his treasure.  Alas, his heart was broken when he found out the truth about her.

15 minutes challenge #2

The Maycomb jail was the most venerable and hideous of the county’s buildings.

No one dares to speak of it in disrespectful manner.  Parents would use it as a mean to shut up their children continuous tantrum.   Children are easily put on bed at the mere mention of the jail itself.  A man out of Maycomb is a man to be feared of.  Nobody who left that place ever the same again.  They either become more of a human being or totally losing their nuts.   I remember walking pass the building every day during my school years.  We would run until we passed the old building.   Nobody ever speaks of the thing they saw at the building.   It was a taboo.  The kind that is passed down from one generation to another.  That is how I started the idea of opening a supernatural club with my schoolmates.  We would leave the house at night and starts scouting the area with our torch lights.   Any hoots, growls or barks are the sign of entity and we will start recording.  I have hundreds of tapes with footage of the area.   The passion died down when we hit our puberty and started high school.  It is no longer cool to walk around an old jail at night.  Video games is a new thing.  Everyone would work part time during the summer just to own the latest CD and completed all levels.

15 minutes challenge #1

“I wish Bob Ewell wouldn’t chew tobacco,” was all Atticus said about it.

Atticus really despises people who chew tobacco as it stains their teeth.  He hates to stare at their yellowing teeth and marvel at their potential meal of the day.   Did they eat a sandwich tuna or a plate of rice with veggies?  He knows it is rude to stare but he couldn’t refrain himself from doing so.  Therefore, he would feigned interest in whatever topic they were engrossed in.

Two sentence horror story (1)

As usual I woke up at 3.00 am to do my revision in the living room, I was so engaged with my reading and suddenly I heard someone opened the door and walked behind me to the kitchen, as she passed by she asked me, ‘ still awake?’ and I replied lazily, ‘ehem’ and  I closed my book.   Then, I got up from my chair and walked to my room which is six steps from my work place, as I opened the door, someone pulled the door from the inside, there stood my roommate, nervously I said, ‘good night’, after she walked a few steps, she asked me, ‘aren’t you going to ask me whether I went to the toilet just now?’ and I dare not look back.

(I am looking forward for feedback and encouragement.)

My First Haiku

Hello everyone, its been a while since the last time I wrote in my blog.  Lately, I’m trying to write a poem.  I decided to try writing a Haiku.  So, this is my first Haiku that I thought is quite good.  I end up with this after several attempts.  Please feel free to give me positive criticism.

A mite made a pun

About a mite create a pun

While fly on a fly