Writing 101: Death to Adverbs

Today I only had a class in the morning.  After the class I decided to go to the gagak cafe for breakfast.  I went there with my friends.  The place is crowded with students from INTEC.  They just come back from their mid term break.  I chose to ate some fried macaroni with fried rice.  A guy before me bought six cheese rolls and its look delicious.I went back to my friend who is playing a game and asked her “dont you want to eat?”.  So, she went to bought her own meal.  I started to eat my meal but  to my disappointment it is tasteless.  My friend came back and sat next to me, I’m surprise to see her meal.  She bought nasi lemak with anchovies, cucumber, chicken, hard boiled egg and sunny upside down egg. She also had a purple drink, I don’t know, maybe a grape cordial.

p/s: I hope I do it right.  I’m not sure whether there is no adverb in my post or not.  Someone please let me know if I make any mistake.  I would love to learn more to improve my writing.  Hopefully one day I can write a good piece.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Death to Adverbs

  1. You did well at not using adverbs, I would just work on improving your punctuation and maybe you could add detail about your friend and tell us how the cafe looked. Keep on writing, that’s how you keep improving!

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