Writing 101: Unlock your mind.


We are five independent girls who live together in a small and shabby flat.  Our landlord only care about the rent.  We only met her once when she gave us the house key.  After that we look after the house like our own.  We make sure that everything is fine; the house is always clean and in a good condition.  After one and a half years, suddenly, the sink was clog, although we clean all the waste from the sink daily and pour hot water weekly.  Instead of calling our landlord to solve the issue, we decided to settle it ourselves.  But we must use the cheapest method available.  First, we try to pour more hot water.  As a result, the water overflowed from under the sink.  Next, we used a wire as a drain snake but it cannot bend to the left.   Feeling frustrated, we tried to consult with my father.  He asked us to buy an acid for plumbing at a hardware store.  Of course we are afraid to use an acid because you know, it is an acid.

I am too lazy to read, so I just google for an image and tadaa…here is the solution:


We used the second and the third method.  In the beginning its look like a bad decision because black foam started to overflowed and it emitted a sickening smell.  So, we just left it overnight and we only hope that it will be better the next day.  Luckily, as the sun rise with a new hope and our problem seems like it never exist.  Unfortunately, the smell stay with us for a few days.