15 minutes challenge #6

He put his arms around me and rocked me gently.

He hums slowly under his breath to calm me down.  My dad, his voice is so coarse and he couldn’t sing well.  It was said that even a duck sounds better than him.  But, I love the warm of his body, the low vibration emitted from his chest and the steady beats of his heart.  Somehow, I am home again.

We are miles away from where we belong.  At this strange place, his monotone humming is the same as I always remember.  A melody from his favourite song.

Now, I am far too old and too big to let my emotions get the best of me.   And he couldn’t restrain me like he used to in the old days whenever I failed to keep my fists down.  Still, he knows how to ease down my temper.  As a father always do.


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