writing 101:commit to a writing practice

so 15 minutes is not a very long time but when you have to commit the same amount of time every day for something it is quite challenging.  I must admit I’m not really good with my time management.  I’m an early riser but I usually waste my time on trying to rearrange my stuff or make a plan for the day.  I made a lot of schedule and I hardly follow it.  right now I am at the faculty library.  I am listening to a westlife song something about hunny you make me feel funny.  It is not my own song collection, just something someone downloaded in the fac computer.  alright 3 songs that i can relate to myself.  Lets see, the first song will be Layskar Pelangi from nidji.  it is a theme song for Lasykar pelangi movie.   the movie is from a book with the same title.  the has been translated to english version, titled “the rainbow troop” if i’m not mistaken.  i read the book in a malay version but i wont really have problem to read it in Indonesian language as it is almost the same as malay language.  after all we are from the same “rumpun”.every time i think of Lasykar pelangi my heart will feel very enthusiastic.  forgive me if i didn’t put the word well.  honestly, i am trying to write without stop for this precious 15 minutes.  I cant hardly think of the write word.  so, what else? yeah, I just finished my phonetics and phonology class.  today our beloved suthagar showed us an example of how glottis and vocal fold work.

hurrmm…I am speechless. ok.  the second song. lets see what will  come to my mind.  the song that i’m listening right now.  “what will i do without you?” “what am I do without you?” it will be great if someone sing this song to you.  its make you feel important.  but of course i’m sure it will annoys me if someone become to dependent on me. oppss…4 minutes more.

ok, the third song.  its look like I don’t type fast enough..keep on deleting the word that i wrote.  This is wrong, totally wrong.  i am not suppose to think, to edit or anything.  i need to let it go.  the third song is azfar song, it always make me feel depress when i listen to it but i just love it…. “the sky and the earth is my faithful companion” “matahari bersinar seolah tak berpihak padaku” langit dan bumi setia menemaniku”  so for your info, it is my language.  malay language.  a beautiful language that is rarely appreciate by its own people.times up..bye2


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