writing 101:commit to a writing practice

so 15 minutes is not a very long time but when you have to commit the same amount of time every day for something it is quite challenging.  I must admit I’m not really good with my time management.  I’m an early riser but I usually waste my time on trying to rearrange my stuff or make a plan for the day.  I made a lot of schedule and I hardly follow it.  right now I am at the faculty library.  I am listening to a westlife song something about hunny you make me feel funny.  It is not my own song collection, just something someone downloaded in the fac computer.  alright 3 songs that i can relate to myself.  Lets see, the first song will be layskar pelangi from nidji.  it is a theme song for lasykar pelangi movie.   the movie is from a book with the same title.  the has been translated to english version, titled “the rainbow troop” if i’m not mistaken.  i read the book in a malay version but i wont really have problem to read it in Indonesian language as it is almost the same as malay language.  after all we are from the same “rumpun”.every time i think of lasykar pelangi my heart will feel very enthusiastic.  forgive me if i didn’t put the word well.  honestly, i am trying to write without stop for this precious 15 minutes.  I cant hardly think of the write word.  so, what else? yeah, I just finished my phonetics and phonology class.  today our beloved suthagar showed us an example of how glottis and vocal fold work.

hurrmm…I am speechless. ok.  the second song. lets see what will  come to my mind.  the song that i’m listenign right now.  “what will i do without you?” “what am I do without you?” it will be great if someone sing this song to you.  its make you feel important.  but of course i’m sure it will annoys me if someone become to dependent on me. oppss…4 minutes more.

ok, the third song.  its look like i dont type fast enough..keep on deleting the word that i wrote.  this is wrotng totally wrong.  i am not suppose to think, to edit or anything.  i nee dto let it go.  the third song is azfar song, it always make me feel depress when i listen to it but i just llove it…. “the sky and the earth is my faithful companion” “matahari bersinar seolah tak berpihak padaku” langit dan bumi setia menemaniku”  so for your info, it is my language.  malay language.  a beautiful language that is rarely appreciate by its own people.times up..bye2

Writing 101: A room with a view

As I sit here in front of my laptop I find it hard to think of a place that I want to be at this moment.  If I’m given a choice, I crave nothing more than to dwell in my own dream, to be in a small and cosy room with a beautiful hand made water fountain.  Sitting in a worn out arm chair and listen to sound of my kids playing in our back yard.  My eldest son become a private who conquered an island with his little brother and sister as his faithful sidekick.  The dream seems so far away from where I am right now.  But sooner or later, I will make sure I make my own water fountain.  Even though I am a lousy artist.

P/s:  A cup of coffee made by my man would be great as we share our stories about the stressful workday.  Love in a cup of coffee.

Once again a student

I already decided to quit my study and start working in order to support my family.  It is a very hard decision to make as I love what I’m doing.  Alhamdulillah my elder cousin help me out.  She promise me to give monthly financial assistance for me to continue my study  I am really thankful for the fact that I am able to become a full time student.  I might be the oldest student in my class but still it does not prepare me to enter the working world. Not yet.

What if I die?


My little sister and I was watching a movie about a young boy who found his eldest sister’s dead body under a big tree.  The boy start to cry hysterically. So she start asking me questions, why is this and why is that.  Feeling bored I asked her back, “Are you sad if I die?”.  She said,  “I don’t know you are still alive.” I kept asking her what if I die.  With an annoyed expression she said, “I’m tired, lets just watch the movie”.  I smiled with 30 seconds of silent moment victory.

Home made Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice)

nasi ayam

My younger cousins and my aunt visit our house for iftar and we are having my mum special nasi ayam. After tarawih we played firecrackers and fireworks, they are so kind to spare me with the last fireworks so that I can wrote my name on the floor with it.


We called it bunga api asap. Asap mean smoke because its create a lot of smoke


Durian Crepe

Malaysian are always crazy about durian.  We love every single aspect of it, especially the smell and the taste of durian.   I really love to stand near the durian stall and take a deep breath, hold it for a while just to enjoy the great sensation of durian smell.  But our friend at the west does not really fond of durian, most of them think that durian is the stinkiest fruit in the world.  Some thought that “durian is hell on the outside and heaven on the inside”.

Eating fresh durian is the best.  As I said earlier, we are crazy about it and that is the only reason (I think the major reason) our ancestor create a lot of recipes that include durian in it.  We got lempuk durian, sambal tempoyak, bubur durian, ais krim durian, pulut santan durian, apam durian, jem durian, kek batik durian, kek durian, seri muka durian, puding bakar roti durian and many more.  Most of them are the traditional recipe but with some innovation, lots of love and new technology; they comes out with white coffee with durian and a wine from durian.

 The trend of baking and cooking the western food just to look more cool than your neighbour brought us to spaghetti, pizza and chicken chop.  Of course with some element of our own culture like a lot of cili potong/ cili jeruk (chillies) for spaghetti.  It is to adjust the sour taste of the tomato sauce because Malaysian taste bud are used too spicy food.   When crepe become famous we also want to join the world.  But of course once again with our own identity and we come up with the legendary DURIANNNN CREPPEEE.


Out of the blue, even the mak cik2 at the kampung (village) are talking about durian crepe. Nenek2, opah2 that never understand what kind of devil are there in the computer until their grandchildren are so obsess about it all the time, suddenly ask how they can use the youtube just to look for the recipe of durian crepe. 

As time past, things change, so does the phenomena of the yellow durian crepe.  Now people are crazy about another yellow creature

Happy_minionsTHE MINIONS

“Orang-orang it…


“Orang-orang itu telah melupakan bahwa belajar tidaklah melulu untuk mengejar dan membuktikan sesuatu, namun belajar itu sendiri, adalah perayaan dan penghargaan pada diri sendiri. (hlm. 197)”
― Andrea Hirata, Padang Bulan

Learning is a process that we need to cherish .  No matter how hard it is, I must go on.  And I must learn to appreciate myself.